Sebastian's Year 2 Photos

Week 52

Happy Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day card


Valentine's Day sticker


Almost sharing candy with Mommy.

I don't believe that you are taking me on a helicopter ride. 

I'm still having trouble believing that we're going on a helicopter ride.    

Ok, I'm beginning to believe that we might go on a helicopter ride. 

The view from the air.



 Making a couple turns and banks before heading back to the ground




Watching the tree-guys trim the trees out front. 


On a friend's farm petting one of the donkeys.


The rams took a minute out of running into each other to let us pet them.

Swinging with Grandma Joan.


Getting ready to leave one year old behind.


Week 51

Why am I happy?



Because I'm goofy!






One last picture before bed. Dad says the snow will be there tomorrow.

This sled needs something


It needs Mommy.


Chasing Lucy around the snowy yard. 

Mom demands a turn. 


Week 50

Arranging my table


Mommy says a pre-hello


Playing with a velociraptor


The velociraptors and I are guarding the refrigerator. 

The velociraptor won't let me get a cookie.





Getting accustome to swimming by myself. 

I think that we had the whole YMCA pool to ourselves.

Week 49

On the bridge to the duck pond at Whitehall Park in Anderson, SC.

Watching the ducks.



I'm not too sure about feeding these things.


I've decided that it's time to go home. 


 Because I'm already late for my nap.

And I need to be well rested to do my best work.    

Chilling out. 


Passing out.


Arriving at Cater Lake Park in Anderson, SC.

These geese are hungry! 


And pushy.


Going to do Pilates with Grandpa Edgar.

First you have to warm up.


Then some work on the cadillac.

Finished up with a few sets on the arm chair. 

Yep, it was a good work out. I look good.

Washing away the day.

Week 48

Looking at art with Mom at the opening of the Anderson Art Center's West African Exhibition.

The quilts were really neat and had lots of pictures.



Run away druid!




Tonsillitis is not fun.




On antibiotics, on the couch, on mom and trying to get better.

Feeling lots better!



See, no more tonsillitis



Picking out books at Anderson County Library.


Waiting to checkout.